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We at Gorilla Writers deliver precision, succinctness, and quality. From elevating brands to ensuring that businesses are able to spread their message with clarity and creativity, we are your go-to folks for customized writing services.

01 Blog Writing

Well-written SEO blogs hold the potential to drive larger traffic towards your website, growing your client base and retaining existing customers. Blog writing is an incredibly challenging task as it requires the usage of immaculately precise words so that site visitors are compelled to click on your blog and consume its contents. A well-written blog has the power to create a lasting, favorable impression of your brand on the blog reader. Blogs contribute significantly to increasing online interest in the products and services that your brand is supplying. However, in order for a blog to be impactful, your brand needs a creative and well-experienced blog writing. Amazingly, our blog writing team is full of seasoned professionals and talented innovators. They are magicians with words, and are skilled in the art of casting spells on readers with just the right lingo, formatting and added images. Blogs can be used for multiple purposes- educating your audience, an indirect marketing tool, and a space for you to expand your research upon topics pertaining to your brand’s origins and services.[...]

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02 Article Writing

We have college professors, journalists and literature graduates on board who make sure that the articles that they compose for your brand are complete with thorough research, a professional tone, and insightful information. Owing to the diversity on our article writing board, we have professionals who can write on topics spanning various disciplines- science, IT, food, hygiene, you name it! How do we generate traffic towards your website using articles? First of all, we understand words. We know how to join them together to create content that entertains, persuades, and informs. We turn readers into customers and connect you with your audience. We surely are the experts when it comes to web content writing.

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03 Brand Name

From christening your brand to walking it through its first steps, and staying around until it makes incredible leaps and bounds, our brand naming content team treats your brand just like one would treat their child- with infinite passion and care. Our content creators focus upon brand naming services, ensuring that you are delivered the perfect name for your brand as brand names are an essential identifier for your business. Our content team will thoroughly study your business industry, research up on your client base and dig into your brand’s history to ensure that the final brand name is one that is an amalgamation of all of the important aspects making up your brand. When you hire us for the naming of your brand, you are hiring the very best. Our creative and talent content team has never disappointed our clients, with past customers parting ways squealing with joy over the results of their orders. Brand naming is a step-by-step process, at the completion of which we aim to provide you with unforgettable results. A compelling brand name adds attractiveness and zeal to an entrepreneurial project/ business venture. [...]

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04 Landing Page

The key to effective marketing is your authenticity. For potential customers, who are browsing through a wide-variety of options, your ONE goal is to grab their attention – and hold it. Be smart and invest in working with skilled conversion copywriters to create landing pages that garner the interest of your potential customers. Heard about how vital first-impressions are? A well-designed and well-written landing page allows you to make the best first impression. Potential customers are often flakey, and we understand that. Our copywriters work intensively to create compelling content that forces customers to not skim but actually invest in what you have to offer. With more attention directed at your niche of products and services, you can successfully generate sizeable revenue and enjoy business growth.

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05 Newsletters

Newsletters serve much more important purposes that just being an annoying ‘please sign up’ pop-up. Newsletters can be used to smartly market a brand by sharing crucial products and services information, alongside pricing and discounts information. Newsletters are also used to share important brand-related information, such as brand’s history, brief introductions on the team, interviews of the founders, etc. In order for a SEO newsletter to successfully serve its targets of expanding audiences, reaching more people, and spreading information on the brand, said newsletter must be free of grammatical inaccuracies and must be written in a free-flowing manner. Pleasant to read and hard to put down, newsletters need to ‘look’ just as interesting as they must have informative and enjoyable content. Our customizable newsletter templates are unique and artistic, giving your newsletter a positive, visible competitive edge.[...]

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06 Web Copywriting

Our website copywriting services also employ search engine optimization (or SEO), helping your site rank higher on search engines, attract more visitors, and generate more leads. Whether you have a new or established site, you can enhance your online presence with our professional copywriting services. Do you want to make your website a lead magnet? Are you in need of website copywriters whom you can rely on for your next project? Or, are you searching for someone who could really understand your brand and market sector as well as yourself? Well, your search ends here. At Gorilla Writers, you can pick from our variety of affordable packages and choose website content writers based on your budget. We write about a wide range of topics, such as travel, accountancy, entrepreneurship, beauty, and much more. No project is too big or too small for our copywriters. Whether you need content for one webpage or one hundred, we'll create tailored solutions to meet your goals. Hire our skilled website copywriting professionals with complete assurance that your project is in great hands.[...]

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07 Video Script Writing Services

While animations, colors, and voice-overs are important, the backbone of any great marketing video is high quality script writing. Just a few direct sentences can capture your entire message. Script content is something that can be distributed audibly or visually to any audience anywhere, and can be replicated through brand message. It’s that piece of content that becomes memorable with the right writer, or otherwise can be disastrously forgotten in seconds. Our talented creative script writers have what it takes to grab the attention of your visual and audible audience. So, invest in a creative writer who can take your brand message and your company services and turn it into an effective script message that will impact your target audiences. Whether it’s for the screen or script, we are here for all your script writing needs. At Gorilla Writers, we take the time your project needs and make it shine.[...]

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08 Press Release

Then sending out a press release is your best bet. A press release is a smart tool to promote your business regardless of its stature. It is an effective medium that is budget-friendly and less time-consuming. We at Gorilla Writers, after thorough research on your business industry and consumers, and current subject of the press release can craft a perfect press release for you. We will research on your competitors as well to deliver an immaculate result. A well-written press release can help in creating noise in the market that draws attention from the targeted audience, which can be used to inform the audience about upcoming promotions, deals, and projects. It can further help in generating profits that ultimately give boost to your business. Hence, hiring us would be taking a leaper closer towards your brand’s success. [...]

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